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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Iraq Body Count is getting some mainstream press

you go guys!

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Subject: Please sign emergency petition to save our courts


I just signed MoveOn PAC's emergency petition to stop the "nuclear option" the far right wing's plan to seize absolute power to stack our courts -– and I hope you will sign too.

Starting Monday, the petition will be delivered straight to Congress every three hours until the final vote, and many of our comments will be read aloud on the Senate floor.

Please sign right now at:


Why is this an emergency?

This Tuesday, the Senate will vote on Republican Leader Bill Frist's "nuclear option" to break the rules of the Senate and give the Republican Party absolute control over appointing federal judges.

For 200 years the minority's right to filibuster has kept our courts fair, by making sure that federal judges needed to get at least some support from both sides of the aisle before they were given life time appointments.

If Frist eliminates the filibuster, his next step would be to force far right partisan judges onto the powerful U.S. Courts of Appeals. The real targets, however, are the four seats on the Supreme Court likely to become vacant in the next four years.

With that much power on the Supreme Court, the far right could strike down decades of progress on labor rights, environmental protections, reproductive rights, and privacy.

The "nuclear option" will live or die by a final vote, probably on Tuesday, and the vote is still way too close to call. There are at least 6 moderate Republicans still on the fence and only 3 more votes needed to win. If we can get enough of our voices into congress and into the streets in the next 72 hours, we can still save our courts.

Please take a minute to join me and sign the emergency petition today.



Sunday, November 7, 2004


PLEASE read these and CARE. I don't want to watch something so blatant get lost in apathy. Read them and do something. Write a letter to an editor. Tell a friend and have him/her do the same. I think it's horrible that something so obvious as this stolen election has been ignored to the point that anyone who tries to share the facts (that Bush has been favored in every counting error in every state) gets labeled a conspiracy theorist. Even John Kerry doesn't seem to care about how unfairly he would appear to have lost. Only Ralph Nader does.

Palm Beach Post, Florida voting machines

,,,and North Carolina, too (WSOCTV)

a FUN graph, illustrating just why we have a reason to feel cheated

Minorities Fucked Again in the South

More Faulty Machinery in N.C.

Friday, November 5, 2004


Did Kerry lose votes


Did Kerry Win Ohio? Collapse )

Friday, October 8, 2004

6:20PM - Can you help us googlebomb to support a pro-Kerry site?

We're working on raising the google ranking of http://www.kerryoniraqwar.com, a site designed to set the record straight about Kerry's consistent position on Iraq. I know this comm is against the war in Iraq; Kerry's not a total dove, but he did consistently warn that we shouldn't rush into this war, and if he'd been president, I don't believe we'd be in a war now. The GOP has been working hard to confuse people on that point, though, saying he just switched to this position recently to get votes, etc., when it's not true. Whether you agree with Kerry or not, we think people should have the right to know what he actually said, instead of just hearing Bush's distorted version of what Kerry said. If you can take a minute to paste our banner and key words on a webpage or in LJ User info, we'd really appreciate it (google ranks a site based on how many sites link to it and include their key search terms). We're been hearing from lots of people who find our site useful in straightening out the GOP's spin, and we want to make it easier to find.

Kerry on Iraq War

The truth about John Kerry's consistent position on the Iraq war. John Kerry hasn't been flip-flopping. George Bush just hasn't been listening.

Read more...Collapse )

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

12:00PM - Radical Reference

About Radical ReferenceCollapse )

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

9:27AM - 9-11 report

The 9-11 Commission Report Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, Official Government Edition

Read it because Dubya hasn't.

Wednesday, July 7, 2004


You're all invited to join debating_yaks, a community dedicated to political debate. We look to find ourselves new members of varied and well-informed opinion, and hope to find you amongst us.

PS: I completely agree with your stance on this war. Do you realize how many Bush support communities I've had to wander through for members? *shudder*

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


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new community, trying to get everyone into politics and drawing to join in on discussion, debate, with the use of political art. Click the image to link. Spread the word.

Thursday, April 29, 2004


Sinclair to Preempt `Nightline' on ABC Stations, Cites Politics

April 29 (Bloomberg) -- Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. ordered its ABC affiliates to preempt tomorrow's broadcast of ``Nightline,'' which will air the names and photos of U.S. military personnel who have died in combat in Iraq, saying the move is politically motivated.


Here is a link to contact your affiliated station and see if it's is owned by Sinclair.

Current mood: angry

Saturday, April 24, 2004

8:35PM - This is a fun thread


Thursday, April 1, 2004

10:41PM - richard clark

what are people's reactions to clark's testimony, and the attacks on him by the bush administration? does condi rice have ANY credibility left?

Friday, January 9, 2004

4:27PM - Anti-Flag...listen to them!

It's in the paper every day you see it in the headlines and you feel so sick as another life leaves this world - this world so full of hate - but short! short on compassion, short on humanity asking myself in vain, shaken by the shock: "do we even have a chance?" i don't want to die i don't want to kill we are all human it's time to prove it this is a plea for peace (world peace) to the oppressors of the world (and to:) to the leaders of nations, corporate profit takers, to the every day citizen greed, envy, fear, hate- the competition has to stop! when you see someone down - now is the time to pick `em up set our difference aside and never look back! i don't want to die i don't want to kill we are all human it's time to prove it isn't everybody tired of the fighting? killing? dying? hatred? violence?

Sunday, December 21, 2003


Tuesday, December 9, 2003


Does anyone know where I can find a website devoted to the George-Bushisms? I've seen a lot of calendar type things but I haven't had the opportunity (or cash) to purchase one. But I thought there has to be something on the internet??
If anybody could help me find a site devoted to this, that would be wonderful.

(crossposted, sorry)

Monday, October 13, 2003


hey guys.

I used to post on here now and again, but I thought I would fill this good journal with spam, announcing my own political community, 'politics_talk'

I've only just started it tonight, so obviously conversation is not exactly running rampant...but hopefully we can get there.

Bye bye, cynics.

Friday, September 26, 2003


'You lied, they died,' US parents tell Bush


Wednesday, September 17, 2003

3:17PM - I Never Promised You a Ruse Garden -- A Letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush

Dear Lt. George W. Bush,

I hope you don't mind me referring to you by the only true military rank you ever achieved, that being the one from your on-again, off-again "days" in the, um, Texas Air National Guard. Ever since I saw you in that flyboy outfit, landing on that ship, I assumed you now wanted to be addressed by your military title, as opposed to the civilian rank imposed on you by your dad's friends.

So, Lieutenant, I was wondering, would you do me a favor?

Could you PLEASE do better than a ROSE BUSH?

I saw the guy on TV yesterday that your boys found, the Iraqi who said he had "planted" some nuclear plans in his "back yard" in Baghdad -- 12 years ago -- "under a rose bush."

Woo boy. That's a good one. Do you really think we are as dumb as we look? I know our fascination with "American Idol" and Scott Peterson may make us Americans look a little light in the head, but when it comes to lying to us to lead us into war, we really do demand a bit more of an EFFORT and a FOLLOW-THROUGH.

You see, George, it's not the lying and the doctoring of intelligence that has me all upset. It's that you've had control of Iraq for over two months now -- and you couldn't even find the time to plant just a few nukes or vats of nerve gas and at least make it LOOK like you weren't lying to us.

You see, by not faking some evidence of weapons of mass destruction, it shows that you thought no one would mind if it turned out you made everything up. A different kind of president, who believes that the American public would be outraged if they ever found out the truth, would go to great lengths to cover up his subterfuge.

Johnson did it with the Gulf of Tonkin. He said our ships were "attacked" by the North Vietnamese. They weren't, but he knew he had to at least make it LOOK like it happened. Nixon said he wasn't "a crook," but he knew that wasn't enough, so he paid hush money to the burglars and somehow had 18 1/2 minutes erased from a tape in the Oval Office. Why did he do this? Because he knew the American people would be pissed if they found out the truth.

Your blatant refusal to back up your verbal deception with the kind of fake evidence we have become used to is a slap in our collective American face. It's as if you are saying, "These Americans are so damn apathetic and lazy, we won't have to produce any weapons to back up our claims!" If you had just dug a few silo holes in the last month outside Tikrit, or spread some anthrax around those Winnebagos near Basra, or "discovered" some plutonium with that stash of home movies of Uday Hussein feeding his tigers, then it would have said to us that you thought we might revolt if you were caught in a lie. It would have shown us some *respect*. We honestly wouldn't have cared if it later came out that you planted all the WMD -- sure, we'd be properly peeved, but at least we would have been proud to know that you knew you HAD to back up your phony claims with the real deal!

I guess you finally figured that out this week. It started to appear that millions of us were calling you on your bluff -- those "fictitious reasons for the fictitious war." So you quickly produced this man and his rose bush and some 12-year old piece of paper and some metal parts. CNN broke in at 5:15pm and screamed they had the exclusive! "IRAQI NUCLEAR PLANS FOUND!" But a few good reporters started asking some hard questions -- and, barely 3 hours later, your own administration was forced to admit the plans were "not the smoking gun” proving that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.


Never a good idea to rely on a bush, Lieutenant.


Michael Moore


PS. Sorry, I still can't get that padded flyboy suit out of my head. I know, I need help. But when you landed on that carrier, and that banner read, "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED," just what mission was that that was accomplished? 'Cause by my count, more than 50 of our young soldiers have died since you said the mission was accomplished. Anarchy still reigns, the Brits are losing kids, too, and wacko fundamentalists now seem to ready to rule the land. Women are already being told to cover their face and shut their mouths, store owners who sell liquor have been executed, and movie theaters showing "immoral" Hollywood movies have been forced to shut down. And hey, this isn't even west Texas! Maybe you could get back into that jumpsuit, fly over to Baghdad and land at the former Saddam International Airport, jump out and give one of those big happy waves -- under a sign that reads, "MISSION IMPOSSIBLE."


Three Easy Pieces for Any Decent American (from Michael Moore)Collapse )

Sunday, September 14, 2003

1:14PM - I come without ceremony or consequence.

Hello, I am the new guy. I enjoy debating on the message boards but grow weary of trying to convice 14 year olds that saying "I heard that..." before everything does not constitute it as fact, so I thought I'd give this a try. I figure, since these are debates, I'll just start off with my 2 largest biases: I hate George W. Bush and I hate organized religion.

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