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Radical Reference

About radical reference
“…librarians are more freedom fighters than shushers.”
--Ms. Magazine online

Radical reference is a service provided by volunteer library workers from all over the United States. The main goal of this service is to assist demonstrators and activists at the convergence surrounding the Republican National Convention in New York City August 29-September 2, 2004. Library workers will utilize their professional skills and tools to answer information needs from the general public, journalists, and activists. Service will be provided via this web site, blog, e-mail, chat, phone, in the street and Ouija board.

Radical Reference workers will be easily recognizable because they will be wearing this snazzy hat!


The radical reference image is a combination of two concepts: The "i" is the international symbol for "information". According to symbols.com, the symbol is a "combination of symbols meaning one entity, something absolute and unique, a fact, placed beneath the "0" all possibilities." The 6 orange stripes or bars are actually a symbol from the I Ching, an ancient Chinese divination manual and book of wisdom. The 6 bars roughly translate to "Strong action will be supremely blessed. Keep on." For more on the I Ching, it is recommended to visit the I Ching on the Net website.

Need more answers? Email us (info@radicalreference.info)


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